Thank you so much for reading Convection and (presumably) all its prequels.

We first began working on this Kannao storyline back in March 2013. Five years ago!

Since then, we’ve created over 260 pages of this tumultuous Kannao story. We could not be more grateful for your readership and support throughout all these many years and pages.

We’ve learned a lot about making comics, and we hope you’ll continue to follow us in our future comic endeavors. Our next work will be an original story called Star Crossing: Doppio. It will release regularly on Patreon, and then have a finished public release come this summer.

Please consider following us on our official tumblr, twitter, and Facebook accounts for updates on our works. You can also follow KrisRix’s personal tumblr and twitter, as well as Simon Gannon’s personal twitter. And don’t worry, there will surely be a few Kannao drawings now and then too 💕

If you would like to re-read Convection more easily, you can acquire a PDF here:

Convection PDF
Again, and most sincerely, thank you for reading. 💜💙