Welcome to Convection!

Convection is PG-13 and will run about 60 pages. Updates are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy this final installment in the Comfort/Trust/Resolve saga!

Throughout all of these emotional ups and downs, Kanji has been a steady constant.

But that doesn’t mean his life has been carefree!

Sometimes the small steps of life can get lost in the drama all around.

Convection is a story set within our Trust and Resolve timeline. It follows Kanji and the struggles he faced while juggling Naoto and her whirlwind of emotions. Convection will revisit scenes, fill in some blanks, and then go further. As such, we would consider it necessary to read Trust and Resolve first.

You can buy a copy of Trust for $7+ here. Enter coupon code “convectionhype” for 30% off!

You can download Resolve for $0+ right here. Or you can read it on the web here.