Comfort is a comic that I (KrisRix of atelierMUSE) began working on well before Trust (our adult KanjixNaoto comic) began. But as Simon and I started discussing Trust more and more, I decided to shelve Comfort indefinitely.

In April 2014 as Trust: Book Two was finally wrapping up and pre-production on its sequel, Resolve, began, I remembered this story and decided to take a look at the old files.

I was surprised to realize that the comic was already pretty close to being done. There had been several things that bothered me about the story the first time around, but the fixes suddenly became clear.

So while Simon finished up the script for Resolve, I began finalizing Comfort.

It wasn’t intentional at the time, but it’s not far-fetched to read Comfort as a prequel to Trust. It is based during the events of the game, but it sets a certain mood between the two characters that carries into Trust.

I hope you enjoy this peek into a moment in their lives filled with mixed feelings and complicated pains, and I also hope that you can feel along with them the Comfort that an accepting presence can bring. Such things can be simple and fleeting, but can shape a person’s heart forever. These are the sorts of moments I think these two would carry with them, into Trust or otherwise.