Thank you for your interest in our Persona 4 Kanji + Naoto fan comic, Resolve!

Resolve began on March 1st, 2015.

Resolve is a PG-13 webcomic in the ballpark of 100 pages. Part 1 updated daily throughout March, followed by a two week break, after which Part 2 began with bi-weekly updates. It further followed the development of Naoto and Kanji after their interactions in Comfort and  Trust.

While it is highly recommended for you to have read the prequels, it is not strictly necessary.

Now that her business trip has given her time to mull things over, Naoto returns with some rather anticlimactic news…

But Kanji isn’t about to take her lack of conviction sitting down!

As the two struggle with the face they show society and the strange relationship they now have, they need to find a sense of completion from within before their external problems can be resolved.

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