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Comfort is a Persona 4 KanjixNaoto doujinshi/fancomic.

It is a short stand-alone story set within later events of the game and therefore contains spoilers. It is rated PG.

It ran 32 pages in total and completed on January 14th, 2015.

In August 2015, Comfort received a heavy face-lift and was included in the print edition of the Trust Compilation as a prequel of sorts. The web version was then updated to reflect this in October 2015.

On a sad wintry night, Naoto Shirogane finds herself milling outside a certain hospital, turning the night’s events over in her mind again and again.

Knowing her better than she’d like to admit, Kanji Tatsumi comes to collect her from her thoughts and offer a comforting presence .

And besides, he needs the company, too.

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